Shooting in Short North At N. High and 1st on 7/18/2021

Front window of the SeeSaw at the corner of N. High Street and 1st Avenue.

A felonious assault report was files by the Columbus Division of Police on 7/18/2021 @ 3:49 am.

Visual Ohio staff happened to be walking in the vicinity of that incident at 9:00 am. The Columbus Crime Scene Search Unit (CSSU) was still on scene wrapping up their phase of the investigation.

CSSU taking measurements

According to the police incident report (210525311), Frederick Leatherwood Jr, 21 and Trent Winfrey, 20 were involved in an undescribed dispute in the street, when it escalated to a shooting match between the 2.

The report states that both were arrested.

A third person, Michael Caloendar, 26, was hit in the crossfire of the dispute. As of now all we know is that person was transported to the hospital and no fatalities have been reported in conjunction with this incident.

Pictures from the scene put the potential rounds fired into the 20+ category based on the cones covering the discarded shell casings.

We did discuss the incident with some of the people that work in the area, but nothing conclusive could be ascertained or corroborated from the discussions.

Window of the Galla restaurant was completely shattered. Galla is located on the adjacent corner of the Seesaw.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Columbus Police Felony Assault Unit at 614-645-4141 or Central Ohio Crime Stoppers at 614-461-8477.

Further down the street by the Brunner Building, a planter was found knocked over.

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  1. Mrs Winfrey says:

    Please update your information in this article, Trent Winfrey was not arrested in this shooting. He was a victim, they are still looking for the suspects. Falsely putting someone’s name causes danger that isn’t warranted. I thought the media was about facts.


    1. Facts were taken directly from the police report that was publicly available at the time of this writing.

      If that facts have changed and there is official reporting of it, I would be happy to review it and update the article.


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