Flaming Bull Whip – One Shot!

One last Renaissance Festival one shot for the year! Kamikaze Fireflies show is always a fun time, from the witty banter to the physical stunts – it is a good time all around. This year must be the year of fire, as the normally fireless bull whip section of the Firefly show now is enhanced…

Flaming Caber – One Shot!

Early October day at the Ohio Renaissance Festival brings us to the Highland themed weekend. Usually these weekends are filled with kilts and you standard Highland games. 2019 brings us something special though. A blindfolded, Highland athlete with a flaming caber tosses the large log in between 2 other athletes! Such Fun!! The there are…

Ohio Cup Vintage Base Ball Festival 2019

The Ohio Cup is one of the nation’s largest vintage base ball festivals. More than 30 teams from across the nation will come to Ohio Village on Labor Day weekend to play and share the experience of 1860s-style base ball with you.

Urban Scrawl 2019

A 2-Day arts festival organized by the Franklinton Arts District. Urban Scrawl has been an annual event since 2007, featuring art murals from over 60 local artists. This is one of central Ohio’s largest urban renewal projects.
Check out what is new for 2019!

Cleveland Museum Of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art is unlike any other art museums we’ve been. The original museum, dating back to 1916 has been expanded on to with a more modern wing. This leaves a large atrium area where you can visit the gift shop and lounge at a food court. Oh, and let us not forget…

Drink and Click @ Brewdog Franklinton

A Drink and Click event is where photographers, models, local business and camera companies come together for shoot.
These events travel all over, so check out the site to see if one is coming near you!
This Drink and Click was held at the BrewDog establishment in Franklinton, Columbus, OH and sponsored by Midwest Photo Exchange and Fujifilm USA.