"A Christmas Story" House

1983 and 1989 are years that I will never forget.  1989 is significant because that is the year that “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” was released.  Before that, though, was the release of “A Christmas Story” in 1983.

For me, Christmas cannot be without a viewing of both of these classic movies.  What makes “A Christmas Story” that much more significant to me now is that the house that some of the movie was filmed at is located in Cleveland Ohio!!  The official website has the whole back story, and you can check it out for yourself if you wish.

Along with the actual house, there were two other houses purchased in close proximity.  One is a gift shop and the other is a museum.  They too are worth checking out.

The staff was great and a tour is provided for a fee.  It is not very expensive and well worth it.   When I was there, the actor that played Randy was also there!  Double bonus!

This house is a great piece of nostalgia as well as Hollywood history.  If you are in the area, make time to check it out.

The infamous bathroom!!  Where Ralphie had to endure LifeBouy and decoding
‘Lil Orphan Annie’s message with the decoder!
Ralphie’s Bedroom
Each pin represents locations where visitors came from to see the house.
Note on the right, those are international flags!!

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