He’s BACK!!! And So Is the Arnold Classic!

Every year, The Arnold Classic makes it’s way to the Greater Columbus Convention Center and Veteran’s Memorial.

There are always great sporting events to see and tons of vendors to help you get a first hand look at fitness and health products.
Just one aisle of the massive vendors area
This year, they had Olympic trials and a statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger was unveiled.  
You might even be able to talk with someone famous!
Lou Ferrigno meet and greet with Dani
Unfortunately, my schedule has been so busy this year, I did not get a chance to cover the event like I would have liked.  Rest assured, that next year we will be there for a more comprehensive look.
Here are some shots of the gymnastics and power lifting events.

Power Lifters from all over the country and the world attend to compete.

I believe that one of the heaviest dead lifts was 812 lbs!!!!

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