Columbus Asian Festival 2012

Central Ohio has a very diverse cultural heritage.  The Asian culture is very strong here, and to showcase and educate the masses about the large Asian population, an annual Asian Festival is held at Franklin Park.   The festival has been going strong since 1995.  For 18 years, central Ohio has been blessed by many cultural events and the Asian Festival is one of the best of the bunch!

Muay Thai Sword Fighting Demonstration

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It is a great place to learn, enjoy and interact.  Once can find merchants, ethnic foods, ceremony, dance, education and sports all in this wonderful three day event.  Learn about alternative medicines to traditional Western philosophies, take up a new sport or exercise or just come and experience the rich heritage of other cultures.

Food Vendors Abound!

A dragon boat race takes place down at Genoa Park on the Scioto River.  Sponsored teams compete.
(The Dragon Boat race will be held on Monday, May 28.   We will be giving that event it’s own coverage.  Check back mid to end of this week to see that article!)

Traditional Dance From India

One of the newer sports is called Takraw.  It looks to be a combination of soccer and volleyball.  These athletes are truly talented.  this game has its origins in the 15th century and has a world wide presence.  The game’s skilled athletes are quick and energetic, which leads to a very lively and fast paced game to watch.

Everyone has fun at the Asian Festival

You’ve got to do your best to try and keep cool on this hot, festival day.

Those lucky enough got to see one of the teams that competed on America’s Best Dance Crew – Instant Noodles!!  These B-Boys braved the heat and showed why they are one of the best in the business.  They put on several shows on both days of the event.

Braving the heat, Instant Noodles did not disappoint.
Instant Noodles gave away a T-Shirt to a fan who showed their moves and won over the crowd!
And the winner!!

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