Jim Brown of Iron Mule Blacksmithing

As time progresses and technology changes, there are times when we should look back and see how things used to be.

Jim Brown uses his hammer to forge the metal into a point.

One person that can help us with that is Jim Brown of Iron Mule Blacksmithing.  Mr. Brown is a master craftsman and knows his way around red hot metals!

Cooling down the hot metals with a water bath.

Iron Mule Blacksmithing not only provides finely crafted, hand made metal implements, but also is willing to share vast historical knowledge of blacksmithing. 

Iron Mule Blacksmithing is also available for events and has a portable setup to bring the action to you!

The images you see here in this article were taken at the Reynoldsburg Civil War Encampments.

For more information about Iron Mule Blacksmithing, visit the website.

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