The Wilds – Safari Experience in the Heartland

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is ranked #1 in the country right now.  That is a fantastic accomplishment and something we should all be proud of.

Another great accomplishment in Ohio can be found in Cumberland, and that accomplishment is The Wilds.

Buffalo graze on the plain.
This was taken at a rest area during the tour in the open air bus.

This safari like animal habitat takes you through a very unique area.  Rhinos, giraffes, hyenas, cheetahs in large and expansive habitats can be seen from the scheduled, bus led tours.

There are tons of great photo opportunities and rest stops on the up to 2 hour tours of the grounds.

The Wilds also offers many educational opportunities and accommodations for those who might like to take advantage of their unique lodging.  All the details can be found on their website.

Portrait of a Buffalo.

I personally prefer spending the extra money and getting the open air bus.

The giraffes are a great stop along the way and they are very curious.

The staff there is very knowledgeable eager to help you and answer all your questions.  The trip there is well worth the drive.

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