The GREAT Ohio State Fair

Hundreds of thousands of people attend the Ohio State Fair every year.  Estimated numbers for 2012 came in around 840,000.


The Ohio State Fair is held annually at the fair grounds.  It has grown over the years since it first started.  Wikipedia has a pretty extensive outline of the fair throughout history.  You can also get some great information at the official site as well.

Midway and Carnival Games

Most people think of state fairs as a place where you can get some great food and check out livestock.  While that is true and the Ohio State Fair has some awesome food and animal exhibits, it also has so much more.

Animals Everywhere!!

Every year there are fun activities for all ages.

Corn Dogs and Lemonade

Big name musicians and entertainers put on shows and concerts daily.

Boxing Tournament
Man vs Dog Log Rolling 

It is open to fine arts and craftsman in competitions.  You could spend a whole day there and not see the same things twice.

Interact and Learn About Animals

Butter Cow Sculpture

If you are looking for something to do for the week the fair runs, you can go there, people watch, get some great food from one of the many vendors, see the butter sculpture, catch a show….all in one convenient location.

Culinary Artistry

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