National Museum Of The USAF – Part 1

We paid a visit to the National Museum Of The USAF.  Upon realizing how massive this place was, we decided that this would be a multi part article. This place has just too much to cover in one story and we want to do this magnificent place justice.

Part One will cover the first wing,  which starts from the Wright Brothers and goes through WWII.
I don’t know if I already mentioned it,  but this place is MASSIVE!  Seriously!   The buildings house hundreds of full size airplanes along with other relevant exhibits.   Some are suspended from the ceiling and others are sitting on the floor.

The self guided tour is setup in chronological order,  so you get to see the progression of airplanes,  fighters and bombers over time.   How they changed from wood and cloth,  to dirigibles, to the all metal construction we are most familiar with today.  

Everything is very well marked with good detailed information about each item.
If you happen to get hungry on your journey,  don’t miss out on the Cafe on the second floor.   Great chicken sandwiches!

One of the things that got me thinking is about the bravery of these young pilots. Not only was flying relatively new,  but a lot of these structures were made of wood and had very small engines.

Some things of note:
1.  There is a lot of walking, so bring conformed shoes.   They were nice enough to put benches and rest stops along the way.
2.  Look everywhere.   There is so much stuff,  it is jam packed.   Look up,  down,  on every wall and go down every Isle so as not to miss anything.
3.  Docents are everywhere,  so if you have questions,  ask!
4.  There is an outdoor Park section as well.   Don’t miss that.

Hopefully,  we will be able to get back for part 2 soon(government shutdown has affected the running of this facility).  Stay tuned to your RSS or check back frequently!

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