Motts Military Museum

Motts Military Museum has quite a wide range of artifacts ranging from the Revolutionary War through the War on Terror.  Located in Groveport, Ohio it is easily accessible and directions and contact information can be found at the official website.  This will be the first part of the series.  The museum is currently looking for funding to open a new wing for additional artifacts.  We will have another article to cover that opening.

The museum must be seen to be properly appreciated.  It can be an educational, emotional, and enlightening journey.  We’ll tantalize your taste buds with a sampling of images.  This should get you sufficiently excited and wanting to make a trip.

There are a few main isle ways that contain memorabilia and original artwork.

Everything is laid out in an orderly fashion and is well documented.  A lot of time has gone into the carefully constructed displays.  It is one of the best displays I have ever seen.   On par with the likes of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Up in Cleveland, OH.

Here are some images of the things you will be able to see here:

Military Uniform with Purple Heart Medal

Nazi military hat

The cell door of Confederate Gen. Morgan when he was held of the Ohio Penitentiary

Original artwork regarding the Jewish Holocaust

Outside, you can find military vehicles and artillery pieces of all kinds.

Attack Helicopter

121th Fighter Wing Aircraft

Trooper Water Transport Craft


A replica of Edward Rickenbacker’s house is also found on the grounds.  For those of you unfamiliar with Rickenbacker’s contributions to this country and Ohio – please read this summary and learn about this great Ohioan.

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