Ballantrae Dancing Hares

Written by:  Andrew Livelsberger
Photographer:  Andrew Livelsberger

The Dancing Hare sculpture was created by Sophie Ryder of London, England as a commission piece in 2001 as the entry to the Edwards Gold Communities.  Everyday household objects are embedded into the metal sculptures.

A spray park and fountains can also be found on the grounds.  The fountain is open daily May 26 through September 3 10am – 8pm.

The park location is at 6350 Woerner Temple Road, Dublin, OH.

The dancing hares from just within the park path leading from the parking area

You can see the dancing hare installation from the road as you drive up to it.  You don’t really get an accurate sense of the size of the sculptures until you start approaching it on foot.  From a distance, the rough texture of the sculptures just appear to be a way to show a matted fur.  However, as you get closer, you can see that the sculptures actually contain identifiable objects incorporated into the structure of the hares.

Walking up to the top is accomplished by way of a circular, corkscrew path.  This allows you various angles and distances in which to enjoy the sculpture.

This is indeed a fun park for summer time water fun as well as any time during the year just to see the dancing hares.

This shot gives you a sense of scale, just how large are the hares

An old camera and potato masher flash were found within one of the sculptures

This might be an electrical box of some kind? 

A very large clothes pin

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