Cincinnati Museum Center – Natural History Museum

Written and Photography by:
Andrew Livelsberger

The Cincinnati Museum Center houses multiple museums.  The front of the complex was built around the Union Station Terminal, which was originally opened in 1933.  Once inside, you can buy tickets to many of the museums (COSI members get discounts) including The Museum of Natural History and Science, The Cincinnati History Museum, Duke Energy Children’s Museum, OMNIMAX Theater, Edge of Appalachia Preserve, and the Geier Collections and Research Center.

It all is quite impressive when you enter.  There is something about the massive build of the Art Deco structures that is just very pleasing.  While the windows may not be the original, they are definitely inspired by them and keep the building looking and feeling as it once must have back in the mid 1930’s.

Union Terminal, when you see the ticket booth, turn around and look up!

Since the museum center is so large, we decided to not see everything in one day.  You never want to be rushed for these kinds of things!  We investigated the Natural History and Science Museum on this trip.

The first thing that you’ll notice is that you get a sense of immersion when going into the exhibits.  There is a replica ice cave, rock caverns and fossil exhibits that have you right next everything.  My wife liked the cavern exhibit so much that she went through it multiple times and now wants to research and go to an actual cavern!!

There is plenty here to entertain the youngest and oldest of visitors.  If you’ve never been, make sure to stop by and see what this great complex has to offer.

Mammoth skeleton
Graeter’s Vinatge Rookwood Ice Cream Parlor
Giant Dinosaur
From within the replica ice cave

Door to the storage area for the museums collections

Giant Sloth

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