Greenlawn Cemetery

Written and Photography by:
Andrew Livelsberger

Established in 1848 and located on Greenlawn Avenue in Columbus, you will be immediately taken by the layout and buildings of this local final resting place.
It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Ohio and the resting place of a few famous people as well.

Greenlawn Cemetery was setup as  a non-profit organization in 1848, and official information can be found at the website.

The grounds are well maintained and kept, given the age.  Well manicured grass and plot maintenance are the first things we observed.

While this is a final resting place, there is a sense of calm and serenity here.  The mausoleums are impressive.

It is very easy to get lost here, so I recommend doing some research before visiting.  If you do get lost, you can use a GPS with a satellite mapping feature to help you get your bearings find the proper access road back to Greenlawn Avenue.

There are lots of birds here as well and they are all very active.

Below are just a few of the images we captured during our brief visit.  We plan on returning again to cover some other parts of the vast grounds, possibly to visit the sections where military veterans are interred.

As with any cemetery, if you choose to visit, please be respectful of the grounds and the other visitors.

The address for Greenlawn Cemetery is 1000 Greenlawn Avenue, Columbus, OH

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