Cleaning Up The Hay In The Fields – Circa 1865

Written / Photography
Andrew Livelsberger
 What’s that?  Not enough hay in the loft!  Let’s go back to the field and get some more!

Slate Run Metro Park while a fantastic local park in it’s own right, also houses the wonderful Living Historical Farm.   We visit their quite often as there always seems to be something fun, exciting and educational there.
Slate Run Historical Farm Website

On out most resent visit, we were lucky enough to get there at the end of the day when the farmers were taking the horses out for one last run through the north field, clearing the hay and bringing it back to the barn.

It is an interesting process and we put together a series of images that show some of the process!  We hope you enjoy it and are inspired to visit this great location.

1)  The horses are hitched to the wagon.  This wagon will hold the collected hay.

2)  Once in the field, the ramped machine that collects all the hay is connected to the wagon.  The farmer showed great skill in controlling the horses and getting the wagon backed into the perfect spot.

3) As they make rounds through the field, the machine pulls the hay to the top where operator at the back can pull it off and place it on the wagon.

4)  face showing a job well done!

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