Independents Day 2015

Written and Photography by
Andrew Livelsberger

Held in the Franklinton area in downtown Columbus, this festival has 7 stages for music performances, vendors tents and art exhibits and performance art.
The feature here is independent artist and performers having a showcase to show you what they have to offer.

Official Independents Day Festival Website

If you’ve not been to this festival before you are missing out.  At first look, I thought it might be the same as Urban Scrawl, which we had just recently featured here at Visual Ohio.  It is not the same however.

Dayton local band Good English.

There is a stronger emphasis on music and performing arts.  There are tents and stages in every nook and cranny of the Franklinton area.   Make sure to investigate them all.

A fun place for all ages of family members.  Definitely, this festival needs more exposure and participation by the community.

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