Arnold 2016 – Pole Fitness Championship Series

Video/Photography:  Andrew Livelsberger
Written/Interviewer: Dani Livelsberger

Background:This is the 28th year of the Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus, OH.  This year we covered the Pole Championship Series, which is in it’s second year at this event.

Let’s face it, fitness trends come and go.  Some just transform into others through out the years.  When I first heard of pole fitness, I admit that I thought it was just a fad.  The Arnold Classic 2016 proved me wrong.  The routines I watched and the athletes I met made me realize this fad is a sport and pole fitness is here to stay.

The 3rd annual Pole Championship Series at this year’s Arnold was spectacular.  My heart stopped a few times as I watched the athletes do amazing spins and calculated drops.  I watched both men and women show off their tremendous upper body strength  by working their bodies up and down the pole.   I learned from the athletes that pole fitness is  a full body workout and that  anyone can learn it.  Columbus has a handful of studios that offer classes for every level of student.  Everyone I spoke with added that for them, the pole was not only a physical workout but also helped them mentally and emotionally.

The athletes stated that these workouts helped them escape and find focus in their daily lives.  Each of them also beamed with pride as they described learning their level of expertise.

So, are you ready to try?  Google “Pole Fitness” and find a class near you!  Some of the athletes also told me their first class was due to a Groupon!!  One of hte sponsors was a company that makes poles for the home.  Check out X-Pole USA on Facebook or or at

I am already looking forward to watching this competition next year.

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