Arnold 2016 – Bodybuilding and Physique

Written/Photography by:
Andrew Livelsberger

Bodybuilding and Physique is arguably the cornerstone of the Arnold Fitness Expo each year.  The Arnold Classic brings the world’s best bodybuilders to Columbus, OH each year for the coveted title.

Women, men, amateur, professional.  All words used to describe the athletes in our video above.  This year was a special year for us at VisualOhio.  We were able to get more coverage of the bodybuilding competitions than ever before.

The women did not disappoint as they brought their “A” game again, back to the expo stage.

The amateurs were looking for a win so they can move into the professional ranks.

This year, we were blessed to be able to see the wheelchair bodybuilding competition.  They work just as hard, and perhaps harder than everyone else to build their bodies up into magnificent specimens.  The wheelchair is not holding them back.  With competitions like the Arnold Classic, the wheelchair bodybuilders are one step closer to be recognized by the Olympic committee and having their sport officially represented in the Olympic games.

Such an emotional event.  As each athlete came onto the stage for their posing routine, the MC described the circumstances of what put them in the wheelchair.  We have no excuse to say that we cannot do something, when you see what these competitors have overcome.

For the first time ever, VisualOhio staff went to the Arnold Classic finals.  We did not go as media, we went as spectators.  We wanted to see the event in all its glory and enjoy it, not work it.

If you have never been and you love this sport – you need to go at least once in your life to experience it.

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