Truro Township Fire – Accident Rescue Demo

Written/Photography by:
Andrew Livelsberger

The Truro Township fire department serves the local community.  As part of community outreach, they demonstrate some of their work.  This demonstration is using heavy extraction tools to remove people from a vehicle involved in a car accident.  This demonstration occurred at the Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival.

If you are lucky, you will never need to be a recipient of a firefighters services.  However seeing what these people go through in the service of others is a great site to behold.

A staged accident is used to show the procedure that the firefighters go through to extract and transport.

They must wear their protective gear, even in the extreme heat as an accident can be a volatile situation and an electrical short can ignite many kinds of car fluids.

Blankets are placed over the car occupants if possible while the firefighters use specialized tools to break the window glass.

Depending on the severity of the injuries, a hydraulic prying device and/or saw is used to open the doors or remove the roof from the vehicle,  This makes extraction easier and safer.

Life Flight may be called in if time to hospital is of the utmost importance.

Life Flight takes off.  The helicopter only requires a 75 square foot area to land/lift off.

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