The Red Carnation – William McKinley Memorial and Museum

Written: Danielle and Andrew Livelsberger
Photography:  Andrew Livelsberger

McKinley Memorial

William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States from March 4, 1897 until September 1901 when he was assassinated.  He kept America on the gold standard and fought to protect american industrial interests.  He successfully lead America to victory in the Spanish-American War.

His memorial and the adjacent museum outline his contribution to the American nation.

Impression:June  6, 1905 saw construction begin on the McKinley Memorial site.  It would be completed September 1907.  Detailed information about the timeline of the memorial can be found at the McKinley Museum website.

It is a wonderful site to see in person.  The 100+ steps to the top are easily navigated with plateaus to rest if need be and an elevator and ADA accessibility are provided.  There were many people there enjoying the park and using the steps to exercise.

Inside the memorial are laid to rest President McKinley and First Lady Ida Saxton McKinley and family.

The McKinley Museum just off to the side of the memorial is a great place for family to go and learn about Stark county history, science, and McKinley’s legacy.

Discovery World area shows nature, past and present including a machine that generates tornadoes and other fascinating scientific phenomenon like phosphorescent paint that keeps your shadow on the wall even after you leave the area!

Create a tornado exhibit in Discovery World
Robotic Dinosaurs in Discovery World

The Street of Shops is a look into the past, when we still relied on blacksmiths and general stores.  The area has multiple levels to explore.

The McKinley gallery showcases items from the McKinley campaign and White House with an animatronic William and Ida McKinley explaining different points in his presidency.

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