A Night At A Columbus Blue Jackets Game

Written/Photography by
Andrew Livelsberger

February 4, 2017 – Columbus Blue Jackets versus the New Jersey Devils.  The Columbus Blue Jackets local NHL team.

View from the SkyTerrace


I love shooting sports.  There is just something satisfying about capturing that moment in sports that encapsulates the essence of that sport.  If we are lucky we get more than one.

The Columbus Blue Jackets have had a historic year already.  They had their longest win streak in franchise history and look poised to possibly get into the playoffs and go after the Stanley Cup.

Even if you are not a hockey fan, the experience of going to a game is one that I implore all to do at least once.  Starting at Nationwide Arena, the staff there is always friendly and helpful.  Plenty of great food and drink options and I’ve yet to find a bad seat in this house.
If you have the time, get their early and walk around the Arena.  Check out the history and the sights.

This cannon is fired at the beginning of every game.  It is also fired whenever the Jackets score a goal!

Before the game, you can catch pre-game analysis from spectacular Fox Sports commentators.

During warm-ups and at the beginning of the game, the music will get you pumped and ready.  Leo Welsch sings the National Anthem and does a bang up job every time.  Here, as a Bluer Jackets fan, you are the 5th line – your energy goes to the players and the crowd helps the Jackets win!

Sergei Bobrovsky stretches out on the ice before opening faceoff.

You’ll never be bored between periods either.  Recaps and more analysis are available on the screens and other events like goal shooting competitions and youth matches are their for your viewing pleasure.

This night, the Jackets played hard, but came up short of a win.  The Devil’s goalie only gave up 1 goal all night, stonewalling the Blue Jackets shooters.

A few fights broke out as well, as tensions were high.

Carry the flag and support the team!

Hockey is a fast paced, fast moving sport.  There is hardly any downtime.  The players are fast but the puck is faster!

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