Reynoldsburg Arbor Day 2017

Written and Photos by
Andrew Livelsberger

The annual Arbor Day festivities, brought to you b y the  Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation  department is a fun and informative event for all Reynoldsburg residents.

This years Arbor Day event was held at Rodebaugh Park in Reynoldsburg.
We begin with opening ceremonies, the Pledge of Allegiance was lead by members of Scout Troop 277, Den 7

Next, Mayor Brad McCloud gives his Arbor Day proclamation.

Arborist Andy Evans, Crew Member and Arborist explains the benefits that trees have on the environment and community.

Some of the kids learn about different leaf shapes and seeds of various trees.

Some kids chose to color and complete challenges in the provided activity books.

Volunteers were recruited to help plant the newest trees at the park.

There was a coloring contest, and these are the 2 winners!

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