Schiller Park

Written/Photography by
Andrew Livelsberger

One of the favorite stops at Schiller Park is the “Umbrella Girl” fountain.


Schiller Park is the second oldest park in Columbus, Goodale Park being the oldest.  The park was obtained by the city in 1867 and in 1891 it was renamed Schiller Park after the German poet Friedrich von Schiller.

The park is 23.5 acres, houses many attractions including fishing ponds, an outdoor theater stage, tennis/basketball courts and baseball fields.  A small children’s playground can also be found there along with a recreation center.

Waterfowl enjoy the many ponds just as much as the people do!


Nestled deeply within the German Village area of Columbus, I know of no one who doesn’t love Schiller Park.  This is evidenced by the scores of people that always seem to be at the park.  I cannot remember a time that I have gone where the park was empty.

Not only is it a beautiful park to look at, but artists in all different mediums find a plethora of inspiration here.

Some days, it is just fun to walk about the paved trails of the park, engage in some small talk with the good people of German Village and enjoy all that the park has to offer.

Benches are plentiful, people are able to find a place just off the paved path to sit and relax for a minute.

Some people choose to forego the bench and find respite under a tree.

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