Wizard World Columbus 2017 – Day 1

Written by Dani / Andrew Livelsberger and Elise Mabry
Photo/Video by Andrew Livelsberger

Marvel VS DC Cosplay
Doctor Octopus stole the show

Wizard World is one of the largest comicon/sci-fi conventions held in Central Ohio.  Day 1, kicked off 2017 with cosplay, video game tournaments, a walk through the artist alley and featured events at the main stage.

The doors opened at 4pm.  The lines for ticket sales and entry were long.  You could feel the excitement in the air as Wizard World returned to Columbus, OH on Aug 4-6, 2017.  While opening day may have only started at 4pm, there was no shortage of activity and cosplay participation.

Emotion Into Art artist, Tom Varano, put on a demonstration.   With just brushes and his hands, this artist created these super hero portraits in just minutes!  It reminded us a lot of things you might see featured on social media.

completed Batman

Hulk in progress

completed Hulk along side the real life Hulk, Lou Ferrigno

The base of what will soon be Tony Stark as Iron Man

Artist Stuart Sayger put on a clinic on how to use dramatic lighting in art to really make your work stand out.  Stuart asked the crowd what they would like to see him create and they picked Darth Vader from Star Wars.  Even in this early stage, you can see the pencil sketch starting to turn into the Dark Lord of the Sith with just a few application of ink and paint!  These kinds of programming are great for people wanting to learn more about art and art techniques.

A few cosplayers from Day 1

Tony Stark decided that Day 1 would be a good time to get the caricature he has always wanted out of the way!

Kato Kaelin was at the main stage, doing MC duty as well as running impromptu quiz questions for prizes.  Here, he is asking Poison Ivy a question about the Fantastic Four!

Wizard Video Gaming started off in Day 1 with a Super Smash Brothers tournament followed up by a PuyoPuyo Tetris tournament.  Super Saiyan God Goku showed his prowess in Super Smash Brothers.  Look at that steely concentration!!!

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