Columbus Oddities and Curiosities Expo (some adult content)

Written by Dani and Andrew Livelsberger
Photo/Video by Andrew Livelsberger

Billed as the first and original traveling oddities festival, founded in 2017.  The expo started as 2 cities in 2017 and has expanded out to 8 cities in 2018.
Looking for the strange and unusual?  This is your place!  From “freakshow” like acts to real human skulls, taxidermy and eight legged cats…it can all be found here.

Fortune teller


First – at the bottom of this article contains some adult content.  No nudity, but there are piercings, people suspended from hooks and people getting things stapled to their bodies.  If this is not something you want to see, then now is your time to close the browser, click the back button and go back to safety.

If you need something cute to look at, check out the kittens HERE.

Our only knowledge of this festival was from a teaser clip on the website.  Once we saw it, we knew we had to show up!   Who doesn’t like strange and unusual things?  Most people we know do!

I’m not sure anyone who planned this event could have predicted the kind of turnout.   We arrived right at opening and the line for tickets and entry stretched on for quite some time.   We purchased tickets online in advance, so getting in did not take very long and we recommend that you get your tickets this way.

We did hear from some that at it’s longest wait, it took some people 2 hours to get in. 

Visiting for over 2 hours, the Expo building was packed the whole time.  If they bring this back next year, it would be great to have a larger space or perhaps have it over an entire weekend and not just one day.  Also, there felt like there was no a/c and the building had no cross breeze of any kind, so it did get a little warm.

Minor inconveniences, though as it did not take away from our enjoyment!

Some vendors had insects like the walking stick above for sale.

Below, a couple started off with some bullwhip demonstrations, but then soon went to something more dangerous….

For those that are squeamish or do not like blood and those kinds of things, here is the section of the article you should skip.


At the end of their show, they invited those that enjoyed to drop a few bills into a top hat in front of the stage.  However, for those that wanted to give a little extra, they allowed $5 and up tips to be stapled directly onto their bodies with a staple gun.

Further down the oddities rabbit hole we have the piercing and suspension area.  Here, volunteers got pierced by hooks and suspended for a few seconds from their piercings.

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