Urban Scrawl 2018

Written by Dani and Andrew Livelsberger
Photography by Andrew Livelsberger


A 2-Day arts festival organized by the Franklinton Arts District.  It has been an annual event since 2007, featuring art murals from over 60 local artists.  This is one of central Ohio’s largest urban renewal projects.


Music, food trucks and art done on site.  If you are looking for a fun weekend, definitely give Urban Scrawl’s annual event a look see.

Artists embrace their favorite medium of choice and use large wooden boards to showcase their talents.  This year, we notices the same great variation in styles…but we also were treated to quite a few more three dimensional pieces that jumped off the board.

You have everything you need in one place.  Something to entertain you – the music and the art, you have food and drinks – food trucks and beer.

We were able to bring some new eyes to this event this year.   We had some friends who had never been before and we invited them.   They loved the variety and techniques that artists employed.

Since this is an annual event for us, we were fortunate to see some familiar faces and old friends.

It was great to see the first timers taking it all in.    Speaking of first timers, we invited some friends of ours to partake of the event for their first time.    It was exciting to see their reactions to all the different art styles and techniques.

Since this is a very visual event, we’ll just let the images below speak for themselves and you can get an idea of the event that is presented over at 400 W. Rich Street.

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