Scarecrow Row

Local individuals, businesses, and organizations show their creativity by crafting custom scarecrows in Otto Armleder Park on the east side of Cincinnati. In 2018, the scarecrows at Scarecrow Row are on display from September 30 to October 14.


Scattered along the main walking paths and picnic areas of Otto Armleder Park, Scarecrow Row is a display of artistry from a farmer’s tradition.

Walking along the path’s some scarecrow displays are made from hay while others chose to use corn stalks and husks.

Each one has a different theme. Some, as seen above in “serenity” espouse a sense of calm and peace, while others like Frankenstein’s Monster and Bride of Frankenstein harken us back to classic horror film characters.

Others are more modern, showing arts and diversity.

While this season’s Scarecrow Row is coming to a close, look to the parks calendars for next year – hopefully you’ll be able to get to Otto Armleder Park next year and they do this again.

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