Camp Anarchy 2019

This 3 day punk rock camp out is packed full of some of the greatest punk bands still peforming.
Check out the full lineups and get tons of great info about the event at the official website:



“The only Punk rock camp out in the country” is coming to Ohio. Come camp, drink craft beer, and play games, all while listening to the punk bands that influenced the bands, that influenced the punk bands that you listen to now!
This was a great weekend of meeting people from all around the country. I personally got to see two of my three favorite bands (the Descendents and Pennywise) from my younger punk rock, angry, no responsibility having youth. The third, and most influential band to me, is playing this year, NOFX.
There was some drama over an earlier show NOFX had played before the camp which made way for The Descendents to play. After talking to a bunch of folks who came for them specifically, I know a lot of you are pumped to finally get to see them this year. I will say the most fun I had at last year’s show was seeing Rancid play. You forget how good they are live and how good Tim Armstrong is with the crowd.
Strung Out
From the circle pits during Sick of it All, to the sing alongs with Rancid and Bad Religion, make the right decision and get your tickets for this one of a kind event.
Here are a few pics from last year and I will have a bunch more from this year’s chaos!
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Face To Face

Written/photography by Sonnie Jones

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