The Gift – OneShot!

Location:  Cleveland Museum of Art – Large Room Just Past The Armor Court

The Gifts.

This was a gift to me, as I was fortunate enough to have walked into the room and saw this scene before me. I had the my camera hanging off my right hip. I immediately pulled the camera to my eye and there it was, almost perfectly framed. I fired off one shot.  I took another, then the scene changed and subsequent shots just didn’t have the same feel.  The first image was the one, as is often the case.

The real gift is the fact that 3 generations were together, enjoying the day out of the heat. This was at the Cleveland Museum of Art, in the large room just past the Armor Court.

Always take the shot now, as you are never guaranteed the same scene upon return.
Never take anything for granted.
Always give love, but never expect it in return. The reward for loving one another is not an earthly one, but an eternal one.

Have a great week and I hope this image helps put you in a positive mindset!

Written/Photography by Andrew Livelsberger

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