Annie Oakley At Brock Cemetery

Born August 13, 1860, Phoebe Ann Mosey is world famously known as a sharpshooter and exhibition shooter known as Annie Oakley.

Born 2 miles from Woodland, OH in Darke county, she was one of 7 children. Her father passed away when she was very young from pneumonia in 1866. She learned to shoot in order to be able to hunt for food to support the family.

There are tons of articles on her life, so we’ll let you do whatever research you’d like for her backstory – from early years, her father and step fathers passing, childhood hardships and her famous career and touring with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show which she joined in 1885.

When looking for famous grave sites, it can be hit or miss. Often, they are in a spot with very little direction. We’ve done our fair share of cemetery visits over the years.

While on a recent trip to the Wapakoneta/Versailles area of the state, we were looking around for any places of interest in the area. Web searches are your friend! We found out a small town called Brock. In that small town is a very simple, yet beautiful cemetery – The Brock Cemetery.

Easily marked, the final resting place of one of the most famous people, known the world over.

Annie Oakley.

Rumor has it that she is actually buried in the spot marked with her husbands stone, Frank Butler.

People leave items on the stone markers of both Annie and Frank. Some are small toys, while others have left ammo.

We grew up hearing the tall tales, seeing shows on TV and even calling people we know who were great shots, Annie Oakley. She went from a a girl in a small town who was a phenomenal marksman and used those skills to put food on the table for her family after her father passed away to a world wide famous name. She traveled all over the world showing off her skill, but more importantly, she was able to show the world her spirit.

Even once retired, she used her skills and talents for shows that raised funds for charity.

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