Pleasant Hill Dam

Pleasant Hill Dam was built in 1936 on the Clear Fork section of the Mohican River. It is located on the 783-acre lake Near Perrysville, OH.

This man-made lake has a 113 foot tall earth filled dam and was constructed by the Army Corp of Engineers to protect the area from flooding.

This area is a sight to behold. While the control tower and bridge may not look super impressive, the spillway certainly will give you reason to pause. This spillway will allow water to be diverted to the other side of the dam in times if heavy rain and high waters.

While you may not come specifically to see this dam, it should be something you visit while on your way through the Mohican State Park. Beautiful views on the way there, through the winding roads are definitely worth your time.

There is a trailhead that can be picked up from the other side of the dam as well, if you wanted you could walk from the covered bridge to here.

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  1. Pamela Marcum says:

    My grandfather helped build Pleasant Hill Dam. He lived nearby but men were bused in from all over Ohio.


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