Boardman Arts Park


Boardman Arts Park is located in downtown Delaware, Ohio at 154 W. Williams Street.
This 2.2 acre park started in 2017. Volunteers started organizing at the site, transforming this unused green space into an ongoing evolution of arts in the heart of Delaware. It is home to many festivals, concerts, events, activities and works of art.


When we first rolled up on the park, it is hard to appreciate it fully from the street. There are a few pieces facing out toward the street, but you truly get the fully experience from the inside of the park fence.

This frog and flower piece was the first work I saw entering the park by the basket ball courts. Once inside, there are sculptures, paintings and other works ranging back from 2017 to 2021.

An interesting concept is the painted basketball backboards. While I only show 2 here, there are many more in the park.

We enjoyed walking around and looking at the artworks, but the park also had a few tables and it is very peaceful and calm just sitting there in the shade.

This is a very unique green and art space that I wish more communities would embrace.

If you are ever in the Delaware area and want to have a unique park to visit and enjoy art as well, this is a great place to start. Delaware also has an art walk/scavenger hunt that we did as well. It was fun to bop around town and try and fin them all.

Park amenities are scarce, with a few tables and chairs, but there is no restroom facility there. You are not that far from the “downtown” area of Delaware, so getting something to eat or a more urban-ish vibe is only a short drive away.

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