Zanesville Museum of Art


For an expansive history of the Zanesville Museum of Art, check out the link below:

620 Military Road
Zanesville OH 43701


We were traveling back from a trip to The Wilds, passing through the city of Zanesville and decided to stop by the Zanesville Museum of Art. Having never been before, we knew only of what we could see on the website.

While this is not the largest of art museums, we found the facility to be beautiful, the art to be of quality and very well curated.

There is an excellent collection of Greek sculptures, such as Venus and the Apple pictured below. Oil paintings and cultural art are also represented.

The museum has free admission every day they are open, which is excellent. They do take donations, which we highly recommend. Support of places like this keeps the arts alive and allows for exposure to works that would not be available otherwise.

Please enjoy the images below…but more than that, use them as a catalyst to take a trip there and experience the works for yourself. While it is possible to enjoy the works through pictures, there are some that really need to be seen in person. That is the only way to get a feel of the thickness of the paint, brush strokes. Textures of the sculptures and the size should be experienced in real life.

Enjoy, support and experience the arts – broaden your horizons through new experiences!

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