Ohio Cup Vintage Base Ball Festival 2019

The Ohio Cup is one of the nation’s largest vintage base ball festivals. More than 30 teams from across the nation will come to Ohio Village on Labor Day weekend to play and share the experience of 1860s-style base ball with you.

Ohio Village Independence Weekend Festivities

The Ohio Village is a seasonally open section of the Ohio History Center that recreates life in the era of the 1890’s America. During the weekend of July 6th, the Ohio Village opens its doors to fun games and activities for the family, an opening ceremony, and an 1890’s era base ball game with period…

The Columbus Clippers

Written/Photography by Andrew Livelsberger One of the Clippers mascots, Krash greets the fans just before the first pitch. Background:The Columbus Clippers are a minor league baseball team that have their current affiliation with the Cleveland Indians.  Their name has changed a few times over the years, and their history goes back into the late 1800’s….

Ohio Village Muffins Base Ball Team

Written by Danielle and Andrew Livelsberger Photography by Andrew Livelsberger Background:Ohio Village Muffins Website.Playing over 40 matches a year, this vintage Base Ball team plays the game against other vintage teams in Ohio and around the country.  Rules followed are from the 1860’s time period.  The Ohio Village Muffins home field is located at the…