Ohio Cup Vintage Base Ball Festival 2019

” The Ohio Cup is one of the nation’s largest vintage base ball festivals. More than 30 teams from across the nation will come to Ohio Village on Labor Day weekend to play and share the experience of 1860s-style base ball with you.” 
— From Ohio Historical Center website.

In a previous article, we discussed Base Ball a bit here:

Before it became a profession, Base Ball was played as a game for fun to get people exercise. While there a quite a few similarities between the game played today and this game the differences are worth noting.

The game is similar to modern baseball, but the rules are slightly different.  Pitching is done underhanded, and if a ball is caught after being hit and one bounce, that is considered an out.  The equipment is also different as the ball is much softer and no gloves are used.

This weekend was all about the game of base ball, though as roughly 30 teams played over the Labor Day holiday weekend. We visited and covered the play on Saturday.

The front lawn of the Ohio History Center was converted into a base ball area. Three fields were active at all times.

Teams from all over the state converged.

The players and umpires are great, as they are very willing to take the time to help you understand the rules of the game. The age range of the players is vast as well. We saw some teenagers all the way up to seniors playing on the same teams.

The game is relatively fast paced as well. Since the game and its rules were designed for exercise, the pace feels like it moves a bit faster than a modern baseball game.

If you ever get a chance to watch and support these teams, please do. Not only do they appreciate the fans and support, but it is an awesomely fun time too! bring a seat, some snacks and beverages and enjoy the way base ball was played in years gone by and by people who play for the love of the game.

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  1. Dyan WQ says:

    Love the pictures! I was wondering if you had any pic of the Deep River Grinders that didn’t get posted?


    1. Can you describe the uniform? I might have additional images


  2. Really enjoyed your article and your photos! Thanks for sharing.


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