5k Heroes for Heroes 2019

There are some events that are just worth coming back to again and again. Annually, since 2014, the Best Light Photographic wing of our organization has been covering the Reynoldsburg 5k Heroes for Heroes event.

This 5k event is combines running/walking with obstacles. Teams and individuals compete for best times.

Prior to the start, participants warmed up and stretched in the parking lot area of Civic Park. Opening ceremonies included a moving speech in remembrance of first responders and a memorial to those no longer with us due to the events of 9/11.

In order to prevent congestion in the course, the race begins with a staggered start. Waves of dirt, hungry athletes run from the starting position into the field ahead of them with the first obstacle being a murky, muddy water crossing.

The Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival Royal Court was in attendance, cheering on the participants at the beginning of the race as well as at the final obstacle, the mud pit! More images on that at the end of the article.

About half way through the course, the individuals and teams need to conquer the tire flip. Roughly 40 yards out and 4 yards back, the tire must be flipped end over end.

A few stops away, the water crossing brings us down and up a slippery water embankment, through the stream and back into the field where the next short run and obstacle awaits! The “sled pull”.

After the sled pull, the tire course is up next.
After the tires, we see the favorite of participants and fans! The MUD PIT!

First, runners must army crawl through the mud, under the netting and into one of 4 tubes.

Squeezing through the tubes brings us to the other side, where a muddy water pit awaits! A few people have lost their shoes in this thick mud in the past and this year was no different!

Completing the mud pit brings the final stretch! A relatively straight, short run from the pit finish line. The white top of the finish line tent lets the runners know their destination.

After crossing the finish line, its time for the hoses!!

The award ceremony is at the end of the race, after the last participant has crossed the finish line. Awards are given for best times in both individual and team categories.

The Tomato Festival Royal Court donned the winners with their medals and prize swag.

Whether you participate or watch this event, everyone here wins! Not only is this a great cause, but provides for a fun morning or activity and camaraderie. So, if you’ve never been, remember to check out this event, participate in early September each year!

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