Arnold Sports Festival 2020 – Ohio Combat League at Express Live!

Fighting sports are rough and at times can borderline on the brutal. The amateur mixed martial arts competition held during the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival at Express Live! showcased both the knockout skills as well as the grappling prowess of the upcoming competitors. The Friday night amateur MMA by the Ohio Combat League was televised…

Arnold Sport Festival 2020 – The Competitions Continue Without Spectators

The first day of the Arnold Sports Festival has come and the athletes are competing…but with minimal crowds. Per Ohio Department of Health Director’s Order, no spectators are allowed to view the general events. Spectators are allowed to buy tickets and view the competitions being held in the Battelle Grand Ballroom. A copy of the…

Veteran’s Memorial and Museum

If you’ve been a long time resident of Columbus or the closely surrounding areas, you probably remember the Veteran’s Memorial building on Broad Street in downtown. Not only do you remember it, but you may very well have attended an event there or even had your high school graduation ceremony hosted there. Many were sad…

Suspension: Balancing Art, Nature, and Culture

Three Columbus parks and the Main Metropolitan Library have nearly 3 dozen balanced, suspended art pieces for your viewing pleasure until March 1, 2020. These art pieces and installation were the work of Polish artist Jerzy Joptka Kedziora. Along with the Main Library, Schiller, Thurber and Livingston Parks hold the totality of the suspended art….

Wizard World 2019

Cosplay. If you love to see the creativity of people expressed in how they custom build outfits of their favorite characters, then Wizard World is for you! 2019 was another stellar year for the cosplayers in Columbus. Below is just a tasing of the great creations we saw this year!