Urban Scrawl 2019

A 2-Day arts festival organized by the Franklinton Arts District.  Urban Scrawl has been an annual event since 2007, featuring art murals from over 60 local artists.  This is one of central Ohio’s largest urban renewal projects.


Urban Scrawl has always been one of our favorite annual events. While it is true that the format has changed little over the years, the variety of art is always fresh and unique. The artists have such a wide variety of topics, styles and mediums that we are pleasantly surprised by the level of talent each year.

The vast amount of preparation that goes into these projects is amazing. From concept design to getting the supplies to implementation. Big murals and big ideas require large amounts of preparation.

Whenever we go, we like to wait a few hours for the artists to get a decent head start on their projects. This gives you an opportunity to see from the beginning to almost finished status. We estimate this time frame to be around 3pm-5pm.

Traditionally, hot weather and Urban Scrawl can go hand in hand. Thankfully, this year we had some very mild temperatures and low humidity!

While it is true that I mentioned that very little changes from year to year, that did not mean that “nothing” changed. Inside the 400 W. Rich Street artist building, a new craft for people of all ages was introduced. We tried our hand at the craft and found it fun and easy to do. If doing this with small kids, they should be supervised. Read on to find out why.

The supplies are relatively simple: ceramic, glazed tiles like you can get from a home supply store, Sharpie markers and isopropyl alcohol.

Simply color on the smooth side of the tile with the sharpies, drip alcohol on the tile, then use a lighter to burn away the alcohol. This causes the sharpie colors to morph into tie-dye kind of pattern and also dries the color into the tile.

Music is also an important part of the Urban Scrawl experience. During our visit the DJ pumped out some great house tunes and kids to adults enjoyed the experience and used the outside dance floor to show their moves!

Urban Scrawl has always been an experience. It has also been a fun time for all ages. If you are looking for a free, fun and artistic stop during the late summer and early fall each year in Columbus, Urban Scrawl should be an entry into your “to-do” calendar!

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