Jungle Jim’s International Market

Article by Dani Live

Photographs by Andrew Livelsberger of BLP

   “Unbelievable”, “Wow!”, “awesome”, —These are the words that others have uttered to me when I took them to Jungle Jim’s Grocery Store.     I know what you are thinking: “What could possibly be amazing about a grocery store?”   Well, this store is like no other you have seen, I can guarantee that.
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Upon arrival visitors are aware that this is going to be a different experience.  There are fountains and statues of animals outside and signs that read “tour bus drop off”.  Once inside, all senses are activated by over 6.5 acres of international food, exotic produce, and specialty products.   Shoppers can spend hours browsing the aisles but this store is not limited to food.  Adults and children alike will enjoy seeing animated characters sing and move. (My personal favorite is the band of the cereal mascots of my childhood.)
I must also mention that there is a cooking school, beer tastings, cigar tastings, a travel agency, and a post office all inside.  

Jungle Jim’s is the Disneyland of grocery stores and I love to take new visitors with me.  I really have only brushed the surface of what this destination has to offer.  It is a great success story about a man with a produce stand in 1974 who dreamt big.  There is a small theater that shows Jim’s story and the store’s history.  I also recommend that you check out their website so you can begin your experience before you even plan your trip.  Enjoy!

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