People Behind The Scenes – Jason Shamblin, Director Parks and Rec.

How often do we go out, enjoy the parks maintained by our local community?  How many community sports teams have our kids played on, made friends, learned about sportsmanship?  How many parades, concerts, picnics have we enjoyed and think nothing of the people behind the scenes that make those very things possible?

Jason, at one of his agencies many parks

Jason Shamblin is one of those people.  Mr. Shamblin is the Director of the Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department.

More to follow…

Whenever there is an event in Reynoldsburg, you can almost guarantee that Jason will be there.  It is one of the great mysteries to me how he can juggle a busy work schedule, hectic event schedule and a family.  He seems to be able to do just that, and I for one can say that I cam glad that a person of Jason’s caliber is in the Director’s position.

It is nothing to see Jason out with the Parks and Recreation staff moving equipment around, cleaning up hedge rows, planting flowers or coordinating sporting events.  One of the things that makes him a stand out is his hands on approach to his work.

So next time you go out and enjoy a park like Huber, Civic or Pine Quarry…your kids are playing on a Parks and Recreation baseball or soccer team….you see those kids riding their bikes in the July 4th parade….remember all those people behind the scenes that help make it possible and make sure to thank them.

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