Hayden Run Falls/Indian Run Falls – Hidden Treasures In The Urban Jungle

Hayden Run Falls is nestled away in Griggs Reservoir Park on the west side of the Scioto River.

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To reach the falls from I-270, take exit 15 and head east on Tuttle Crossing Blvd.  Turn right onto Franz Road, then left on to Hayden Run Road.  A small parking area can be found on the right.
You then take a trip down a set of stairs to a small clearing, and looking to your right, you will see a boardwalk.   Follow that a short distance to the falls directly ahead.

I mention this area here because it is not a well known lace and the sign on Hayden Run Road is small and can be easily missed.  While this is not an extensive area, it is definitely a beautiful and worthy place to stop.  When I was there last, we had very little rain, so the falls were not very active.  There was a small trickle of water from the left, as you can see from the photo above.  The sun was setting behind the falls, which help to make for a great landscape shot.

I was inspired while there, to get a portrait shot.

If you are patient and quiet, quite a bit of wildlife can be seen there too.  Ducks, geese and heron can be found there on a regular basis.

Another set of falls that is close to this is Indian Run Falls in Dublin Ohio.  They are located in a city park at 700 Shawan Falls Drive, Dublin, Ohio

It is a beautiful place to visit all year round, but this particular image was taken during the summer.  The lush greens are very dominant.  This set of falls is a smaller falloff just a small ways down stream of the larger falls.

These falls were once the home of he Wyandot Indian tribe.
So if you ever happen to be out on the east side of Columbus, make sure to check out these places.

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