Slate Run Historical Farm

Slate Run Historical Farm is part of the Columbus Metro Parks system.  It can be found at Slate Run Park, which is located at 1375 State Route 664 N.  in Canal Winchester, OH.

Farm hands shuck corn

More after the break…

This farm is still run as it has been since the 1800’s.  The house, fields and barn are all accessible and a well educated staff runs it.  You really get a feel for what it took to run a farm back then.  They often have themed events to highlight specific events or to elaborate on what is done at different times of the year.

This is a great place to bring the kids and get an education and have some great fun!

The Farmer tends to the horses.  The horses hear are actual working animals.

A young boy washes up after helping do chores around the farm.

This pig rests for a while, waiting for the summer heat to break.

Farmers in silhouette, working to get a piece of much needed equipment ready for the fields.

A look at the farm houses’ front porch.  

A look into the farm house finds a very simple interior.

Here are a few shots to see what is inside the barn…

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