Ohio Renaissance Festival

A fantastic festival for people of all ages.  The Ohio Renaissance Festival is located in Harveysburg, OH.  Be prepared to be taken back in time.  Enjoy being submerged in the customs, dress, food and entertainment of the period.
Make sure to check the link above to their website for discount tickets/packages.  Every weekend has a theme and those themes are published on the site as well.

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There are plenty of shops for whatever you fancy.  Incense, spices, costumes, clothing, weaponry.  You name it, there is probably a shop there that has it.
There are wide and varied shows.  Knight games and full armored jousting are a must see.  The jousting is real!!  Other forms of entertainment are plays, known as the “theater in the ground” or the mud show.  This thespian adventure brings classic stories to life before your very eyes – in a giant mud pit.  If you don’t want to get dirty, splashed with mud….then avoid this show.  You will be doing yourself a disservice if you do, as the actors are both witty and engaging.  Other shows are scattered throughout the realm and include a sword show, various comedy routines, feats of skill, a pirate adventure and wondering minstrels.  The Queen and her court have also been known to lead a procession through the village.
There are also rides and games for the kids, all appropriate to the time period!
All major events/shows are published in a free program you get upon entrance.  It also includes a map of all shops, stages, food and facilities.
Highland weekend.  Participant in a stone throwing contest.

Highland weekend – Kaber Toss competitor.
Ok, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I LOVE the smoked turkey leggs here….more than I enjoy the ones at the Ohio State Fair.  There is just something about what the do to them that makes me get them every year I go.  They also have other foods, both kid friendly and generous enough that adults will not go hungry.  They also have a wide selection of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
A big muddy hug of appreciation for the actors in the Mudde Show!!
So, please….take a journey to this wonderful place.  If you are so inclined, you can also don clothing of the period!!
Fire Juggler at the Pirates Stage.  Don’t try this at home kids…they are professionals!

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