Desdemona’s Fine Art and Other Cool Stuff

Writer:  Dani Live
Photography: Best Light Photographic LLC

Several visitors to the Lake Erie shores of Northern Ohio have experienced the magic of her waters.  I have often  wondered on my visits “How can I capture this and take it back home with me?”  Well, the lovely owners of Desdemona’s can definitely help you with that goal. Laura and Sandee have created a perfect balance of fine art and affordable souvenirs that will appeal to everyone.  

The shop itself begs visitors to come in even if you are still eating your ice cream from next door.  The owners welcome you as an expected guest as they offer coffee, tea, or wine.  You can browse the store comfortably and
I personally guarantee you will find something you want or that you know a friend or loved one will want as that “magical” gift.   Make sure you linger long enough so that you can take in the wonderful art by several talented artists, you might see Laura in action as her studio is right there!  And if luck is with you, the beautiful yellowlab might be there so you can say hello. 

If you are in the Marblehead/Port Clinton area and you do not stop in to see these ladies, you have made a huge mistake.  So set sail to Desdemona’s and take a little of the magic home with you. You will be so glad you did.

Desdemona’s Website will give you an insight into some of the things that can be found at their store.

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