Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival

Every year for the last 45 years, Reynoldsburg Ohio has celebrated the tomato.  A man by the name of Alexander Livingston worked hard for years to cultivate and breed different types of tomatoes to make new strains that were both commercially viable and increase their overall appearance, taste and juiciness!
If you want to learn more about Livingston, check out the Livingston House Society’s website.

The Tomato Festival is a two day event that brings the community together.  There are games and rides for the kids, plenty of good food and lots of top quality entertainment.  The festival has been graced by local talent such as Ashley Everts and nationally known artists such as Saving Jane and McGuffey Lane.

Saving Jane(next 2 images)

McGuffey Lane(next 4 images)

McGuffey Lane

Talent shows are held every year as well as having local pizzeria taste offs, salsa and tomato competitions and other fund raising activities.

A Tomato Festival Queen is also crowned along with attendants.

Additional information about the Tomato Festival can be found at their website.

Other images of interest!  All at the Tomato Festival!!

 Free tomato juice!!

Peligro 614(next 3 images)

Classic car show!

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