B Spot – You Need To Eat Here!

So, I’m a self professed foodie.  I learned to cook at an early age, mostly out of necessity, but also because it was a way for a person that did not have a lot of artistic ability to be creative.
I recently needed to take a trip to the Cleveland area and in doing so, stopped at one of my favorite restaurants.
Where to begin???  Well, if  you don’t already know, Michael Symon is probably most well known for being an Iron Chef on Iron Chef America on the Food Network.   All I must say is that if you have never had food from a chef of this caliber, then you are doing yourself a disservice.  Enjoying food at this level should be enjoyed by everyone at least once in their lives.  It is really hard to describe food this painstakingly crafted.  It really is that good.
If you get anywhere near the Cleveland area, you must get yourself to a Symon restaurant.  Lola’s, Lolita’s, or The B Spot – take your pick and enjoy the excellent service and thought altering foods.
More after the break….
I was at the B Spot once before and was blown away then.  I knew that I needed to return to write a story about this fabulous place.
First, this is a very inviting place.  The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating.  The decor is also a site to see.  A wall of beer cans- check, antler chandelier – check, giant plastic wire frame with motor cycle parts(think those model cars, planes and bikes you used to make as a kid….) over the bar – check.   Yeah…very cool….you must check it out.
Once all that eye candy penetrates your brain, then you get a minute to look over the menu.   Sandwiches, appetizers, shakes.  All here and in mouth watering varieties that only a mater chef could come up with.
While your reading, take the time to read the “rules” too.  Both instructional and humorous.
Make sure to follow the link to the restaurants website too.  The full menu can be browsed there.
Lola fries???    Um yeah – double deep fried in pork fat and lovingly seasoned to perfection.    I first had these at Lola’s and knew that if I ever had a chance to get them again – I must!!  By the way – these guys know what they are doing…if you deep fry with the correct technique, you have very little to no grease at all on your fry basket.  You’ll find just golden brown potatoes, with tons of flavor – probably the best fries I’ve ever had anywhere, anytime.
I order the “Symon Says…” – a burger patty topped with grilled bologna and cole slaw.  May I recommend ordering it medium.  So much flavor!!

My wife ordered the “Why??”

For those vegetarians out there or anyone who loves a good portabella mushroom sandwich – this is the one!!

Milk Shakes – they put as much time and effort into these creations as they do the rest of the food!!  Starting at the far right is an apple maple bacon milk shake.

Right above that is a chocolate banana and marshmallow milk shake.
So hard to pick a favorite…I won’t!!!!!
A whole host of sauces to choose from.  
The food is so good that I don’t think that you really need them – but hey – try them anyway.  They are all great and compliment the menu items perfectly!
What else – the service – top notch. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Food came out of the kitchen correct and very quickly.  I don’ think you could make up a complaint!   The prices are very reasonable and there is a lot of lower quality competition out there charging way more!!
Again, a place like this is something that you must experience to truly appreciate.  I know that the family and I will be frequent customers of The B Spot whenever we get anywhere near Cleveland!!

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