Pigeon Roost Farms

Fall is a great time of year, especially for the young ones.  It is the start of cooler weather, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

A fun place to take the family is Pigeon Roost Farms in Hebron, OH

Check out more of this unique destination after the break…
I remember going here when my daughter was knee high to a grasshopper.  It was much smaller then, but good memories are what you make.  Since first coming here, the activity center has grown substantially.

First, lets look at the main attraction…the pumpkins!!
Pigeon Roost Farms has a large assortment of pumpkins for you and the family to go through.  Whether you have need for pumpkins for decoration or making pies…Pigeon Roost has you covered.  They provide wagons for you to put your precious squashes into while shopping around.

They also have a vast array of other seasonally themed items, too.  No one should have to leave without finding something they like.  Part supplies…yep, toys…you bet….apple butter…check.

Anyone who has kids knows that they have a relatively short attention span.  Pigeon Roost has a large activity area to keep even the most active kids occupied.

For a small fee, there are tractors to check out, human gerbil wheels, a fort to climb.

There are animals to see too!  Camels, chickens, goats are around for petting and viewing.

Don’t forget to check out the corn mazes and enchanted forest!!

Take a hay ride through the vast farm!

Make sure to take some time to check out the “About Us” page on the Pigeon Roost Farms website to learn about the farms interesting history.

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