Beck’s Tree Farm – A Family Tradition

My wife’s family has a tradition of going out together and getting a Christmas Tree for Nana’s house.  One of out favorite locations for getting the tree is Beck’s Tree Farm in Lancaster, OH.

We have been to many a tree farm over the years to be sure, but Beck’s is always one of our favorites.  They have a large selection of “cut your own” trees and their stock is always healthy.

When you first get to Beck’s you can go exploring on your own through the grounds or you can catch a ride on their horse drawn wagon to different locations through out the property.   Each section is home to a different type of tree.

On of the great things too about Beck’s is that different tree types may cost a different price, but the size doesn’t factor into it.  Pick a 2 footer or a 10 footer and the price is the price.

Once you are out in the field, you don your weapon of choice(the tree saw) and take your prey.

Here is the tree our family picked…heading out to wait for the horses to come pick us up.

From here you can see the large expanse of the tree farm.  There is still way more behind and around us that you cannot see.

Once back, the staff takes your tree and puts it on the shaker and bails the tree for easy transport to your home!

And here are the fruits of our labor!  The tree is secured in the tree stand, expertly decorated by the kids and ready for Santa to place presents around!

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