The Livingston House – "Home" Of The Tomato

History is one of those things that you can find all around you and you may not even know about it.  How that history intertwines with those things we take for granted can be an amazing thing.

Lets take a look at the tomato for instance.  Before there were tomatoes in every grocery store, there were tomatoes in the wild.  While edible, they were not what you and I see them as today.  They were really more of a juice filled ball than the hearty breeds we have today.  Who can we thank for that?  Why Alexander Livingston of course!  Through his tireless efforts, Livingston cultivated and cross bred various varieties of tomatoes to give them more cell structure and enhance their flavors.  The majority of all tomatoes found today can be traced back to Livingston’s Seed Company.
If you want to know more about this interesting man, I recommend checking out the Livingston House Society and their website.

If you want to see the Livingston House, then that is no problem either.  The Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department oversee the house and the grounds.  Their are many events and activities that the Livingston House Society manage every year that will gain you access to the house as well as some great knowledge.

Front of the house, facing the street
Side of the house facing the parking area

Back door to kitchen and visitor’s center

Interior living room – tea time

upstairs bedroom

children’s bedroom

china cabinet

sitting room

dining room

downstairs bedroom

bible and glasses in the dining room

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