Iconic Architecture – The Lincoln-Leveque Tower

When you are looking at a cities skyline, there are buildings or structures that are distinct to each.   That holds true for the iconic Lincoln-Leveque Tower in downtown Columbus, OH.

I used to work on the 5th floor of the Leveque Tower back in the late 1990’s early 2000’s.   The State of Ohio had some of their IT staff there.  The windows could be opened during the summer.

It also is connected to the Palace Theatre.

The Leveque Tower is an art deco style building constructed back in 1924.  It cost approximately $8 million to build.  There are 47 stories to the building and it measures 555 feet 6 inches tall.

Originally a hotel, the Tower was purchased by John Lincoln and Leslie Leveque in 1945 and converted into office space.
Leveque Tower at Night From Across the Broad Street Bridge
Corner of Long and Front

                   From the back of the COSI Lot

So next time you get to walk around downtown, don’t forget to appreciate the architecture that is there.

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