Blooms and Butterflies At Franklin Park Conservatory

Glass Wing Butterfly

For those who live in the central Ohio area and love nature have surely been to the Franklin Park Conservatory.  Located on Broad Street on the cusp between Bexley and Columbus, Franklin Park Conservatory is a haven.  It has great outdoor parks and facilities, but the gem is the well maintained interior.   This place is well worth the admission.

There are outdoor atriums as well as “region” themed interiors.  Visit a desert, rain forest, and the Himilayas all in just a few feet!!

Blue Morpho

The Conservatory also hosts various events throughout the year.  One of their largest draws is the Blooms and Butterflies.  Lasting for months, there are species of butterflies brought in, raised, hatched and released into the Conservatory.  There are a lot of non-native species, so entry into the butterfly room comes with some rules.  Make sure to look at the signs when entering and exiting.  There are also staff present to help with questions.

This is a great time for kids and adults alike to be in an environment with these energetic, winged floaters.

There are daily releases of newly emerged butterflies, so make sure to check the website for the times.

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